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Massage Continuing Education

  • 2016 Class Schedule is Set

Healing Hands Wellness and Massage, provider # 451900-12 is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork(NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.


Healing Hands offers Quality Training, smaller classes for more one on one Hands on Training and a variety of classes to improve and inspire massage therapists.

Classes offered are:


  • Tennessee Law and Rules: 2hour required class  Also approved by the State of Tennessee #TN 110915-34 Cost $50
  • Ethics for the Massage Therapist: 2 CE's, Cost $50
  • Qigong for Health and Life: 8CE's Intro to Qigong and Qigong healing. Cost $120 Reduce burn out, increase energy and overall well being. Also increases power of Reiki practioners. This class is also open to the public.
  • Advanced Massage Application for the Cervical region 8CE's, $135 
  • Advanced Massage Application for the Shoulder 8CE's , $135
  • Business Marketing for the Therapist 4CE's. Cost $65
  • Breath Empowerment   3 CE's  Cost $35  
  • Advanced Massage Application-Low Back Pain 8CE's Cost $135
  • Food Healing-Transform Yourself  "New for 2016"  4CE's $70
  • Postural Assessment & Advanced Massage Techniques for Scoliosis  8CE's $135        

All classes need to be prepaid and registered 10 Days before course or there may be a $20 late registration fee. All classes have a minimum and maximum size limit so register early.  No Refund for cancellation within 10 days of course prior to class start date. Lost your certificate? Email me with date of class and a payment of $10 to replace each lost certificate.

      Class Dates and Times:

      Adv Low Back Class: 2/27, 10/22, 8AM to 5PM
      Adv Cervical Class:  4/3, 7/17, 9/17,       8AM to 5PM
      Adv Shoulder Class: 7/16, 9/18,     8Am to 5PM
      Scoliosis Class: 6/12, 10/23, 8AM to 5PM
      Qigong for Health: TBD 8AM to 5PM
      Breath Empowerment: TBD 9AM to 12PM
      Food Healing: TBD 1PM to 5PM
      TN Law and Rules: 2/28, 6/11, 10/8, 11/13, , 12/18  9AM
      Ethics for Massage: 2/28, 6/11, 10/8, 11/13, , 12/18 11AM

      Other Class times may be added:



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          About the Instructors:

          Scott Baily, LMT, CNMT; Scott has been a massage therapist, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and business owner for over 23 years. He has  over 6 years experience teaching massage therapy and is a certified Level 3 Qigong and Food Healing Instructor with Supreme Science Qigong Foundation. Scott also served over 10 years as an Inspector for the Tennessee Massage Board where he gained a vast knowledge of Tennessee Massage laws and rules and has been on the board of two area massage schools. He enjoys sharing his art with others and inspiring them to go further in their massage careers.




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          More information and New Classes to come.